FIFA 15 PS4 Career Mode and Issues

- Manager Career – When we start a new career you give us such simple basic options for the appearance, why not make it a little more detailed? Add the Game Face option for example so I can add my own face likeness to my manager so it looks like me, just like I can for my pro when I start a FIFA player career?

- World Cup 2010 game had cut-scenes of managers on the touchlines, now I know Fifa doesn’t have licensed managers, but why cant you implement these cut-scenes for my created manager in CM? It would greatly profit from my above post, being able to see my created manager on the touchline shouting instructions / getting angry / celebrating etc..

- Please add cut-scenes for new signings, and for when I join a new FIFA club (Manager or Player)

- Please add the option of being able to turn injuries completely OFF, I know injuries are part of the real game, but Rooney being out for 5months in a computer game is annoying, I should have the option to turn them OFF If i want too, im not asking to get rid of injuries but be able to turn them off..

- Why cant I randomise the fixtures? Its good having the real fixtures in the game, but it makes CM boring every time you play it starting off playing the exact same games, in the exact same order, add the option to have real fixtures or completely random generated ones as an option before I start a new career..

- Kit clashes, I played a season with Aston Villa, and many of their games resulted in kit clashes as they only have a white away kit, therefore every time I played away against a team in red & white the kits clashed, you have the BPL license so why don’t Aston Villa have their 3rd kit?

- Same goes for GK’s, they only have 1 kit? Where are the GK away kits? So they don’t clash kits, which is a Fifa rule..

- Why is there no loan option in the offline menu’s? I have already put Fernando Torres at Atletico Madrid in Edit Teams myself, but when I started a new Career he’s permanently at Atletico, when he should be on Loan from Milan, let us transfers players offline, but also name their parent club (Loan them out)


- Add undershirts and a winter gear option into edit player? Because if we currently edit a player they lose their winter gear!?

- On the above post, its great you’ve added the tight kit option, but you’ve also added a “team default” option, so why haven’t you used it!? If I sign an Arsenal player, for example i’ve transferred Podolski to Inter (Because I cant loan him) and he’s still wearing a tight kit at Inter, all the Arsenal players (and any other teams’ players who wear tight kits) should have the “team default” option added to them, therefore if they move they no longer wear the tight kit, as it should only be assigned to teams who wear tight kits like Arsenal! In fact what you should be doing is setting this “tight kit” option to Arsenal, not the individual players, a bit of common sense?

- Why isn’t the default cam editable? Its not even assigned a name? It shouldn’t be set as default but as another named camera angle, Broadcast 2 or something? So we can edit it!

- Handballs don’t work? Even though I have them set to ON?

- When I change a players squad number in CM, I cant see who has the number im replacing? Very confusing as I don’t know if that number is vacant or not!?

- Every time I start a new Career Mode I have to input my name EVERY time, cant you add the option to save the last name entered!? Again, a bit of common sense..

- In PES when you play training games you play at that teams empty stadium, it looks awesome, please add this to Fifa so I can practice inside an empty Old Trafford rather than a silly generic arena..

You should get one of your devs or a Fifa gamer who plays CM alot to play through CM and pick up on all these silly little issues that shouldn’t exist, and also suggest improvements that can be made to the mode.

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FUT 15 is Down for PS 3 Players

The development team at EA Sports is announcing that the Ultimate Team game mode in FIFA 15 is at the moment down for those playing the football simulation on the PlayStation 3 and the problem is being investigated, although it seems that it will take some time to fully be solved.

The information comes from the official account of the series and there’s no connection between it and the problems that are currently affecting the PlayStation Network and are randomly dropping players from the service.

No PS4 players are at the moment affected by this particular issue.

FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team mode is important because it has become very popular with the most active members of the player base and has created an important long-term revenue stream for Electronic Arts.

The PlayStation 3 might no longer be the main device for Sony, but it still has a big player base and EA Sports needs to make sure that it moves fast to solve the current issue.

The downtime will also mean that, in the coming days, more fake FIFA accounts will spring up and will try to trick gamers into giving their personal information in order to get access to fake FIFA 15 coins and Ultimate Team packs.

The developers have been unable to eliminate all these fake support accounts or stop them from interacting with the player base.

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‘New’ FIFA

Then, I want to say, FIFA 15 has done remarkably well, but FIFA has come an awful long way. A New Year, will we finally see a ‘New’ FIFA?

First and foremost FIFA’s gameplay development team have worked absolute wonders over the last eight years, taking the truly woeful FIFA 06/07 all the way through to the living, breathing football interpretation we say today. FIFA 15 is not without fault of course, but FIFA has come an awful long way since those dark times and before I proceed, it’s well worth remembering that.

But during that period of rapid evolutionary gameplay development, and technical advancement something got lost. Whatever FIFA stands for, whatever EA’s ‘vision’ for what FIFA is, has slowly been eroded by the sheer weight of feature additions over that time. Pro Passing, 360 Dribble, Elite Technique, The Impact Engine, Pure Shot, First Touch Control, Attacking Intelligence, Complete Dribbling to name just a few of the countless buzz words, which have made both large and small changes to what happens when we cross the digital white line.

EA’s change control around code will no doubt be extremely well established, but even they won’t truly understand how they got from FIFA 09, to FIFA 15 because those worlds are now poles apart. And it’s those forgotten journeys and lessons learnt between old FIFA’s which I feel are starting to impact today’s game. FIFA has grown exponentially, faster than anyone could have ever anticipated, and the game feels like it’s starting to creak under its own weight.

FIFA 15′s metacritic was 82, FIFA 14′s was 87, FIFA 13′s was 88, FIFA 12′s was 90, FIFA 11′s 89 and FIFA 10′s a record 91. That’s a fairly sharp dip this year and personally I feel it’s a bit of a wake-up call for EA to actually say “stop”. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to do in an industry as pressurised as this, but sometimes just stopping the bandwagon is the best thing you can do. Especially when your game is on an annual release cycle, because you only really get 9 months of unhindered development time, and that gets eaten up faster than FIFA sells.

What I think EA need to do is take FIFA back to basics. Really crystallising what makes football as a sport, and FIFA as a game tick, stripping everything else away and only adding back in what truly matters. For me the fundamentals of enjoyable football gameplay boil down to three things, biomechanics, passing and positioning. If those three things aren’t right, then little else works when it comes to football gaming. Oddly enough, FIFA has gotten by without adequate positioning logic for as long as I can remember, but it’s underdevelopment is undoubtedly at the heart of many of the games issues.

This is not me suggesting, that FIFA needs to be scrapped (far from it) because many of its systems like ball physics for example are first rate, and would happily grace any sports simulation. But beneath that, the fundamental layers of the game need a new perspective. FIFA (as I’ve already written) can learn a number of key lessons from the recent PES 2015, and there’s certainly no shame in that. EA have always seemed reluctant to reduce FIFA’s speed of motion because it might detract from ‘mass appeal’ but every FIFA YouTuber under the sun, has credited PES for its more methodical approach. They’re normally held up (incorrectly) as the stereotypical ‘arcade’ FIFA fans, and even they liked something more rooted in realism. A false assumption if ever there was one.

We all throw our own needs and wants at EA every year, and some of it is fully valid, and absolutely needed. But there’s a critical balance to be struck here, which actually requires EA to minimise outside influence (to a degree) and just make the football game they want to make. Without worrying about upsetting the mass market (which for the most part doesn’t know what it wants anyway) and just make the best football game they can sticking to a core vision similar to the one that was set out all those years ago, at the turning of the tide around FIFA 08. Creative control and single vision is so important within the arts (and gaming is an art) and it’s that singular direction which I feel has been missing the last few years.

Most things move in cycles, and FIFA for me feels like it’s coming to the end of a long and monumentally successful one right now. And as series fans we can only hope that FIFA 16 marks the beginning of something new, because another year of the same with a rejuvenated rival chasing hard, may represent the franchises most difficult year to date. Whatever went on strategically around the time of FIFA 08 and EA’s preparation for what was then ‘the next generation of consoles’ needs to be the blueprint for FIFA on next-gen consoles now, and it needs to happen fast, because only then will we see a truly new FIFA.

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FIFA 15 Career Mode – Best Free Players

FIFA 15 Career Mode, one of the biggest problems when you start a new career is your budget. You need to buy the players with very careful because FIFA coins is limited. However, there are many good players in their last year of contract with their clubs which means that they could be yours for free if you make them a good offer. We are here to help you to identify the best free players in FIFA 15 Career Mode for each position.

Best Free Goalkeepers in FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: Spain
Club (first season): RCD Espanyol de Barcelona
Rating: 80
Potential: 83
Age: 27

If you don’t have enough money to buy a top goalkeeper, you should follow Kiko Casilla. He is ending his contract, which means that he can be yours for free.

Best Alternative: STÉPHANE RUFFIER

Nationality: France
Club (first season): Saint-Etienne
Rating: 83
Potential: 84
Age: 28

Ruffier is one of the best goalkeepers playing in Ligue 1. And the good news is that he is ending his contract with Saint-Etienne.

Best Alternative: GIANLUIGI BUFFON

Nationality: Italy
Club (first season): Juventus
Rating: 82
Potential: 82
Age: 36

The most expensive goalkeeper of all time is ending his career this season. Are you persuasive enough to convince him to play one more year in your club ? You may be sure that he is still a wonderful player.

Best Free Centre Backs in FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: Cameroon
Club (first season): Marseille
Rating: 79
Potential: 85
Age: 24

Who already have played with him, probably knows that he is a good, fast and balanced defender. He ends his contract with Marseille in 2015, so you can get him for free.

Best Alternative: FABIAN SCHÄR

Nationality: Switzerland
Club (first season): FC Basel
Rating: 75
Potential: 84
Age: 23

If you are building a team for the future you probably will want to give a chance to Schär and discover by yourself why he is one of the favourite defenders of the community. And yes, his contract his coming to the end.


Nationality: Italy
Club (first season): Juventus
Rating: 84
Potential: 84
Age: 30

Have you ever heard about Chiellini ? Of course you heard. He was one of the best defenders of previous years and he is still a great player in any team. Like it happens with Gary Cahill, his contract is valid only until 2015.

Best Free Right Backs in FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: Brazil
Club (first season): FC Barcelona
Rating: 83
Potential: 83
Age: 31

No, we haven’t forgot about Dani Alves. We just think that for his age you should not pay much money for him. In fact, a good deal is to sign him for free at the end of the first season.

Best Alternative: MICAH RICHARDS

Nationality: England
Club (first season): Fiorentina
Rating: 77
Potential: 79
Age: 26

Strong and with a great stamina, Micah Richards is a good player that could fit very well in decent teams. Specially if you don’t have to pay nothing to buy him…

Best Alternative: IGNAZIO ABATE

Nationality: Italy
Club (first season): Milan
Rating: 74
Potential: 79
Age: 28

There are several good RB’s ending their contracts in the end of first season, but if you are looking for some one really fast, you must try Abate. He is the faster player in this position.

Best Free Left Backs in FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: England
Club (first season): Liverpool
Rating: 71
Potential: 80
Age: 21

It is very hard to find quality players for this position that are out of contracts. If you plan to play several years, you may try Flanagan which contract expires in the end of the first season.


Nationality: Turkmenistan
Club (first season): Zenit
Rating: 67
Potential: 81
Age: 18

This young player, with a very difficult name, is unknown for most of the football fans. However, he will be one of the top defenders in just a few seasons. A must buy even if he renews his contract before the end of the first season.

Best Alternative: PABLO ARMERO

Nationality: Colombia
Club (first season): Milan
Rating: 73
Potential: 77
Age: 28

If you want someone more experienced, you should know that Armero’s contract ends in 2015. He is one of the fastest LB’s of the game.

Best Free Centre Midfielders in FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Deal: OSCAR

Nationality: Brazil
Club (first season): Chelsea
Rating: 84
Potential: 87
Age: 23

Players like this one can not be wasted. He is finishing his contract with Chelsea and you must to convince him to joins to your club.

Best Alternative: SAMI KHEDIRA

Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): Real Madrid
Rating: 84
Potential: 86
Age: 27

Only Lahm and Busquets are clearly better than Khedira as CDM. That’s a good reason to try to get him for free.

Best Alternative: ADRIEN RABIOT

Nationality: France
Club (first season): PSG
Rating: 73
Potential: 83
Age: 19

If you are looking for someone younger and easier to hire, Rabiot seems to be a good option. Specially if you don’t play with a top-club.

Best Free Right Midfielders in FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: Belgium
Club (first season): PSV
Rating: 71
Potential: 85
Age: 18

Don’t miss this one. Sign with him at the end of the first season when his contract expires and you can thank us after a few seasons. This is a genuine wonderkid of FIFA 15 Career Mode.

Best Alternative: JOEL CAMPBELL

Nationality: Costa Rica
Club (first season): Arsenal
Rating: 75
Potential: 83
Age: 22

If you watched the FIFA World Cup 2014, you surely know how good he already is. Arsenal is willing to sell him, so hurry up before someone do it before you.


Nationality: Switzerland
Club (first season): FC Zürich
Rating: 68
Potential: 83
Age: 19

Most of Career Mode fans love to buy young players and see them growing. If it is your case, you should try Francisco Rodriguez. It is very easy to hire him because his contract is ending. If you want someone more experienced, you may try Ben Harfa, Bryan Ruíz, Stephan Lichtsteiner or James Milner, all of them in the last year of contract.

Best Free Left Midfielders in FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: Ghana
Club (first season): Marseille
Rating: 78
Potential: 82
Age: 25

It is very hard to find quality players for this position that are running out of contracts. If you need a backup for your top team or if you manage a average club, Ayew may be useful. Specially for free after the first season.

Best Alternative: BALÁZS DZSUDZSÁK

Nationality: Hungary
Club (first season): Dinamo Moskva
Rating: 79
Potential: 81
Age: 28

We know that he isn’t be the player you were expecting to see here, but as we already said, there is lack of good right wingers which contract expires in 2015.

Best Alternative: VALENTINO LAZARO

Nationality: Austria
Club (first season): RB Salzburg
Rating: 65
Potential: 81
Age: 18

If you want someone younger, you should try Valentino Lazaro or Jack Grealish. Both contracts end in 2015.

Best Free Strikers in FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: Ivory Coast
Club (first season): CSKA Moskva
Rating: 82
Potential: 84
Age: 27

Fast players are important in FIFA 15, right ? Free players are always welcome, even when you need to wait a full year, right ? The question is: what are you waiting for ?

Best Alternative: ARTEM DZYUBA

Nationality: Russia

Club (first season): Spartak Moskva
Rating: 80
Potential: 83
Age: 26

He isn’t a great player for your top quality team, but he may be useful if your club is not so top, specially if you like strong strikers.

Best Alternative: JAMES WILSON

Nationality: England
Club (first season): Manchester United
Rating: 63
Potential: 81
Age: 19

If you are looking for someone younger and easier to hire, James Wilson and Connor Wickham seem to be good options. However, there are many other good players also in the last year of contract. If you think you can handle with their age look to this huge list: Antonio Di Natale, Didier Drogba, Miroslav Klose, Dimitar Berbatov, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and Peter Crouch.

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I’d love to see in FIFA 16

FIFA 16 has not been officially announced yet. The game is expected to be released in September 2015. Here are a few I’d love to see in FIFA 16:

1. Training. You should be able to watch set training for each player individually and for the whole team.

2. Youth Scout/Academy. When you start you should have the REAL youth players from every team and some scout (Why not the real ones).

3. SIM Match.
You should be able:
To see the whole match with the CPU playing both sides.
If you want to quick-sim, to see the best chances and the goals as highlights (even displayed with dots like FM).
Be able to see the stats of the match (shots possession etc.)

4. Stats. Be able to see your players stats if they are loaned in a team that plays in a different league. Also be able to see player statistics (top scorers, assists etc.) from all leagues. In order to pick players based on their performance.

5. PRE Season. You should be able to choose where your pre season training takes place, based on your budget and also arrange as many friendlies as you want, with the teams that you want.

6. Licensing. Greek and Ukrainian leagues. And also Champions League and Europa League.

7. Instead of just FIFA 15 Coins, EA could also give special bonuses for winning tournaments and divisions. say you win the gold cup 5 times, after the 5th win, you receive a special untradeable card that allows you to switch a winger’s position to *. so if you want to use el sha at * on full chem, you’d need to win the gold cup 5 times first to get that card. again, if you want to sell the player, he reverts back to his pack position and rating.

8. Media & Presentations: I remember in one of the older FIFA’s that the media would ask you certain questions and whatever answer you picked would have an impact on the team, fans and staff at the club. BRING IT BACK!! Also being able to watch things like Player/Manager of the Year presentations, Champions League draws etc.

9. Kits: Although people want to be able to design their own kits and sponsors, I think that’s not realistic enough. What I think would be perfect is the sponsor choosing the kit design. Even though you have no power to change it, it’s more realistic and it’s not boring at the same time. Also having a new kit sponsor every few seasons, and being informed by the board. For example, “We have agreed a new sponsorship deal with Chevrolet. As a result, you will now be granted an extra 5,000,000 to your transfer budget”.

10. Create your own team: Although this is a bit optimistic, I can see the appeal. Becoming the owner and manager of your own club. Starting off from the bottom tier in the country, and gradually making your way up the ladder. Starting off with local lads and inviting players for trials. Finding potentially world class players in the local area, and receiving a big (realistic) sum for the player. So if you’re a team with a starting budget of 100,000, and you have a player with.

Tell me your advice.

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FIFA 15 Coins Tax Tips

In order to control the rapid rate at which some huge Ultimate Team traders seem to accumulate FIFA 15 coins, EA has implemented a tax structure in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Some players suspect that it’s just another way to stimulate more pack sales. 5% isn’t a lot, but if they can cut 5% of trader profits, it may cause more pack sales. You probably won’t really even notice the taxes, but it is important to be aware of Ultimate Team taxes for when you are involved in more significant trading numbers.

EA takes 5% for any player-to-player trade. This includes cards of any kind, just anything you’re selling or buying on the trade market. The taxes are deducted from the final sale price that is given to the seller. Theoretically, the seller gets taxed.

This can also be slightly important to know for when you’ll be dealing with a lot of lower priced players and selling them fast. A lot of people like to buy players only worth a few hundred coins and mark them up 100 coins or so for a decent profit. They make money because they do this in high volume. When you’re dealing with such small profit margins and original values, it may be worth considering the 5% tax on trades, as you may come out on top for doing a Quick-Sell instead, which is NOT taxed in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

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Top Features of FIFA 15

It’s no doubt that FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular and interesting soccer game for fans all over the world. FIFA accomplishes its promise for bringing new features and enhanced dynamics in every edition. It comes with more indulging game play for soccer lovers across the world. The new edition, FIFA 15 also increased the expectations of soccer lovers and the game met their expectations in a well manner. Here we describe a few important features of the game.

Extra High Features and Viewing
FIFA 15 developers have taken all the efforts to make the game closer to reality. And, you can experience it in the cheering of crowd that change according to the game conditions, teams, place, the setting and the way a team advances over the other. Other details are highly remarkable such as wear and tear of the ground, visible footmarks during the rain, etc that gives more real time viewing experience.

Advanced skills and tactics
The latest edition features advanced skills on players to match the real world standards and also offers scopes for improvement with practice and time. The new edition has refined team strategies that are flexible to change according to the situation. The game has been changed from being a computer controlled team strategy into a more challenging and fun game. The opponent’s gaming strategy is limited to change based on whether they are close to one goal down or up.

Improved Dribbling and Tackling
Two of the most precise and important actions of a football player involve dribbling and tackling. These have been improved by a wide margin and it is now possible for players to control the ball even during very slow speed with great finesse. The top players like Messi or Ronaldo can do it with much more finesse as compared to other players and this makes tackling them tougher. On the other hand, great defenders in the real world have an edge over the attackers, due to advanced tricks and side shots that they can execute to take the ball. The game has undergone a lot of change for good in these fronts.

Emotional Power of Players
The latest FIFA versions equip the players with emotional intelligence allowing them to react differently to different situations on and off the field, which is unique for each one. It brings the game closer to reality. The human side in the matches will be revealed when they score a goal, concede a penalty, get hurt, get a card and every other occasion which requires a show of emotion in the real world.

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How to buy FIFA 15 Coins at Provide Cheap FIFA 15 Coins. Full Stock, 24/7 Online Support! We are the Fastest and Cheapest FIFA Coins Store! 100% Security Guarantee! How to buy?

1. List a Player

- Login your console and sign in your FIFA account to select one of your players in “My Club”.
- List the player selected in the Transfer Market.
- Set your “Buy Now Price” for the amount of coins ordered.
- Set the “Transfer Duration” for 3 days in case of EA maintenance.
- Done.

2. Make Your Order
- Choose your console.
- Enter the quantities of coins you want to buy.
- “Order Now”.

3. Confirm Your Player
- Enter the player name and its club name (also Ultimate Team name) you have listed in the Transfer Market.
- Choose your Seller name or club name (also Ultimate Team name).
- Fill in your contact Email.
- Confirm.

4. Check Out
- Choose a payment to check out.
NOTE: First-time purchaser next is required to verify your order before receiving coins ! We will send a verification email to your PayPal Email. Please check to finish the confirmation!

5. Receive Your Coins
Coins delivery will soon be done in seconds unless no stock, EA maintenance or fail to verify.

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How to Make Easy FIFA 15 Coins

The launch of FIFA 15 brings us the insanely popular FIFA 15 Ultimate Team game mode which turns us into greedy persons wanting more and more money. And since it’s all for a great cause,we are here to share with you some tips and tricks on how to make a lot of FIFA 15 coins and do it easy.

There are numerous methods to achieve this goal of increasing your funds in the game, but the golden rule of thumb is to buy low and sell high. However, since this is a lot easier said than done, some examples will surely make your goal easier to achieve. So here are our FIFA 15 Ultimate Team money making tips:

1. Buy Squad Fitness cards
This method won’t last for long (probably) but it worked great in my case as now people are selling their Fitness cards in the game to make money for other cards. Makes sense, but it’s also something you should take advantage of. It’s a risk because we don’t know if the price of these cards will indeed double or triple, but if we compare the current price of the Fitness cards with those in last year’s game, they’re real bargains now and will get more expensive as people will need them more.

2. Scour the market, know the prices
It might seem like a silly advice, but if you know the prices of the cards, it will be a lot easier for you to make money. Don’t forget that EA also charges a 5% “tax” on all sales, so have that into account when purchasing. For example, let’s say that you buy a card for 1,000 coins. If you sell it for 1050, you’d think you’ll make a profit, but instead you’ll lose some money as you will only get 997 coins from the sale. So always try to purchase a card that’s under the market price with at least 10%. This way, you guarantee a bigger gain.

3. Buy high value cards
The bigger the price tag, the better (if you can turn in a profit). Buying a card for 10,000 and selling it for 11,000 gives you a profit of 450 coins. If you buy a card for 1,000 and sell it for 1,100, you only get a profit of 45 coins and you have to go through 10 similar transactions to get to 450. So buy high value cards for the easy money!

4. Perform in-game actions
Have a great game, in other words: perform a lot of successful tackles, shoot on target and score goals. The better your in-game performance, the more coins you will get as a reward at the end of the match. So keep on playing and do it well for some nice extra coins!

5. Contracts & Squad Fitness
There are two extremely important consumables in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: contracts and fitness. Try buying Gold and/or fitness and sell for a profit. For a contract, you can get a Gold card for as low as 150 or 200 and you can try to sell for 250 for a quick profit. Always remember the 5% “tax” though!

6. Chemistry style cards
Once you have more coins to invest, buying and selling cards with chemistry style can bring you a ton of profit. For example, go for the Hun (hunter) cards which are the most popular right now. The idea is to know the prices on the market, find and buy a striker with the HUN chemistry style at the price of a regular card, then sell it for more. You will get more profit this way and guaranteed sales.

7. Become a tycoon
There are a ton of cards in the game, but you can focus on a single one. My strategy was to bid on a popular badge, get a ton of those for at least 10% under the selling price, then sell them for a profit. Bid on all cards that you can find on that price, some of the bids will be successful, then immediately sell them off for the quick profit. In the “mass buy and sale” process you don’t want to wait and keep on the cards, especially the badges or kits, because the market will soon be full of offers and those who are ready to pay nice money for them already have them.

8. The Monopoly method
This one’s pretty difficult to achieve as you need a ton of coins, but can also give you a ton in profit. The idea is to purchase all the player cards of the same type on the market (say, Messi) and create a need for that player. Then, after a week or so, place them on the market, with the price you want, one by one, so they are instantly bought. You will get rich and hated by most players at the same time.

9. Buy Coins

Finally, you can buy some coins from the website which dedicate to sell coins. gives FIFA 15 Ultimate Team player around the world a great chance to bulid thier dream team. You can benefit from the lowest costs for buying, fastest delivery and credible safety guarantee. is part-owned by the Ugameshelp and is one of the world’s largest online game currency supplier. We take care of almost 20 kinds of games for more than 1 million players.

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Personal Anti-ban Skills in FIFA 15 Coins Trading

Towards the end of August, EA laid out their 3 step process for dealing with coin buyers/promoters and their no nonsense, no second chances, single EA account ban for coin farmers and sellers. The full post is here. After that announcement, it all went quiet and looked like nothing had changed, but according to EA it has.

I believe there are already a bunch of players has been banned for coins buying, and we are a little bit afraid to buy coins these days. What really frustrated is, I already spend hundreds of bucks for FIFA points, but got literally “nothing” from those gold packs.I know buying coins makes my account take risks, but those bad pulled just made me exhausted, I decide to buy some FIFA 15 coins, since EA gave me shits with their packs. I don’t want be banned for this, so I did a little bit research. Up to now, I already bought around 2 millions coins, and not even receive a warning. So, I want share my personal anti-banned skills/experience with you guys.

First, choose the right card to trade. We all know EA will suspect those deals with ridiculous price, like you sold a shit bronze card for millions of coins. I found more than 80% coins buyer was banned by such case. So, I only use rare gold cards to finish my coins buying. But not all rare gold cards are safe to trade with, because more than 60% rare gold cards only worth 1000 coins or less. Choose those really worthy cards with decent price in your coins buying, one-tenth of the coins you want to buy is best, and ask those coins sellers compensate your lose at the card itself. For example, you want buy 500k coins, contact with the coins seller first, explain them the way you want trade with. Then, you should list a player who has around 50k regular price for 50k-60k minimum price, and for 550k BIN price, wait the coin seller finish the deal.

Second, choose the right time to trade. The price of players will fluctuate in a huge range at some exact time, the chaotic market would be the greatest camouflage for you to buy coins. First “chaotic time” is weekends, especially the time when league just end. At this time, some players’ price, who did really good job in real life, would rose to a ridiculous number.Another safe time to buy coins is the time when TOTW released. It is very difficult to EA to determine weather a trading is coins buying or not at such exact time.

Third, never put all your eggs in one basket. If you want buy coins more than 1 million, I suggest you ask the coin seller afford the coins through at least 3 players. This method can minimize the risk you might take during coin trading significantly, since you only get comparative reasonable coins from one player. Ask coin seller afford coins from different accounts is another effective way to lower your risk.

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