FUT 15 is Down for PS 3 Players

The development team at EA Sports is announcing that the Ultimate Team game mode in FIFA 15 is at the moment down for those playing the football simulation on the PlayStation 3 and the problem is being investigated, although it seems that it will take some time to fully be solved.

The information comes from the official account of the series and there’s no connection between it and the problems that are currently affecting the PlayStation Network and are randomly dropping players from the service.

No PS4 players are at the moment affected by this particular issue.

FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team mode is important because it has become very popular with the most active members of the player base and has created an important long-term revenue stream for Electronic Arts.

The PlayStation 3 might no longer be the main device for Sony, but it still has a big player base and EA Sports needs to make sure that it moves fast to solve the current issue.

The downtime will also mean that, in the coming days, more fake FIFA accounts will spring up and will try to trick gamers into giving their personal information in order to get access to fake FIFA 15 coins and Ultimate Team packs.

The developers have been unable to eliminate all these fake support accounts or stop them from interacting with the player base.

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